Pastoral Council

The purpose of the Pastoral Council is to assist the Rector and Pastor to meet the needs of the parishioners.  The focus is on how the ministries and activities of the parish foster the spiritual development of the parish and enable its outward mission to the world.

These are the Members of Your Parish Council:


Lorraine Atchison 705-474-0613
Kelly Boudreau 705-497-3275
Annette Dutrisac 705-495-3584
Al Falconi 705-474-1970
Rick Hamelin 705-476-8115
Arthur Henry 705-493-8416
Peter Jamieson 705-494-4736
Walter Krmpotic 705-472-2876
Don Shago 705-474-7561
David Slattery 705-474-9864
Gary Westenenk 705-476-2762