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Through the work of its members, the Conference is involved in matters of national and international scope in areas such as ecumenism and interfaith dialogue, theology, social justice, aid to developing countries, the protection of human life, liturgy, communications and Christian education. The Conference also provides the Bishops with a forum where they can share their experience and insights on the life of the Church and the major events that shape our society.


Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario:
The Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario is the association of the Catholic bishops in the Province of Ontario in the service of Catholics of Ontario. 
By its very nature, the ACBO is a forum where the Bishops of Ontario reflect together and collaborate on projects to proclaim, celebrate and live the Good News of Jesus Christ in our province. It is an instrument of the collegiality that binds Bishops with each other under the leadership of the Bishop of Rome in a common purpose, a common mission, a common faith.  The ACBO is one of four regional assemblies of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, which is located in Ottawa. The CCCB is the national association of all Catholic bishops of Canada.


North Bay Pregnancy Help & Resource Centre, 323 Algonquin Ave, North Bay, ON P1B 8J8. Open weekdays 10:00 AM–4:00 PM. Tel: 475-9270. Offering free pregnancy testing, optional counselling, a friendly non-judgmental ear, baby supplies, post-abortion grief counselling, and community service referrals.

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Birthright:  Birthright offers love, friendship, and support to women who are pregnant or think they may be pregnant. We help women make a realistic plan for their future.  Visit:  or   call  1-800-550-4900


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