Compassionate Committee

Compassionate Committee for the Homeless in North Bay

The Pro-Cathedral has joined with other churches in the North Bay community to form the Compassionate Committee for the Homeless in North Bay.  The committee’s ultimate goal is to work with existing agencies and    organizations to find permanent housing for the homeless, however, we recognize that this may take time, and right now the homeless have urgent needs.   Because of this, we will be researching what those needs are, identifying the gaps in existing services, and providing the faithful with information on how to help those in need in our community.

Under Regional News in our parish bulletin you will see information on this committee periodically high-lighting some different community efforts.  Due to space restraints in the bulletin, you can find more details here under our “Good Samaritan Corner”.  Please read further on how you can support the following endeavours:

BACKPACKS OF LOVE  –  Accepting donations of backpacks filled with helpful items for the homeless on Saturday, June 11 and Saturday, June 18 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

The Good Samaritan Corner:  History of our Compassionate Committee

Indigenous Friendship Centre & Suswin Navigator Support Program

The North Bay Food Bank & Suswin Ambassador Support Program

The Good Samaritan Corner:  Focusing on Hope Awaits Ministry (Employment Opportunity!) and H.O.P.E.’s Kitchen

The Good Samaritan Corner:  Focusing on H.O.P.E.’s Kitchen and L.I.P.I  Find out more information about these wonderful charities and how you can help!