Ascending Life

The purpose of the movement is to assist men and woman of retirement age in their spiritual growth and encourage them to take full part in church life.  Ascending Life is a lay movement in the Church for seniors and retired persons 55 years and over, based on the belief that retirement years should be years of activity and challenge.  It is a Christian movement that believes that as long as we live we should move forward and onward, to new horizons, new experiences, new growth of mind, heart and spirit.  Ascending Life carries within itself a message of hope for those who feel isolated, lonely, forgotten and whose talents and experiences in our Church and our Society remain untapped.  See More Below Current Links


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An Invitation to Women and Men

Since 1972 a movement began in Canada for retired persons and seniors in French: La Vie Montante. In 1990, the English equivalent, Ascending Life-Canada began in Cornwall.

The three essential elements and objectives of Ascending Life-Canada are:

Spirituality, Mission (Loving Service), & Friendship


At the core of Ascending Life is the essential element of spirituality: a call to prayer, reflection, study and sharing of faith.

Spirituality is a call to prayer, both personal and communal. It develops through the study and the reading of scripture, spiritual authors, the sharing of biblical passages with others, as well as through the sacramental life of the Church especially the Eucharist. Ascending Life enhances the spiritual life of seniors through its support and group sharing, group prayer and personal prayer.

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.” (Matthew 18: 20)

MISSION (Loving Service)

The fruit of spirituality is service. Seniors are encouraged to enter into their mission in the Church as seniors. They are witnesses to the teachings of Jesus as they live day-by-day, bringing their love and understanding to others as well as their prayerful support. They share their words of encouragement, laughter and joy with the people of God. God’s people are waiting for them, and have need of them. Service can take many forms whether it be in sharing, presence, teaching, companionship or simply prayer.

“…faith without works is also dead.” (James 2: 26)


Friendship is another fruit of spirituality and service. For as seniors come together and share together at the deepest level of their being, there cannot but be a development of deep friendship and love for each other. They share their dreams, their hopes, their families, their concerns, their fears, their limitations, their humanness and their God. They realize that they are not alone and that others are walking the same journey, in the same direction. Together they can be of service.

“I do not call you servants any longer,  but I have called you friends.”” (John 15: 15)