Welcome to your Father’s House!


Formed in love by the Creator, made new by the Son, led by the Spirit.

We are grateful for the generations who built our Cathedral with stone and wood, spirit and perseverance. We are grateful for their steadfastness in times of world conflict, their bravery in the face of loss and their tenacity in the midst of upheaval. We are grateful for their handing down legacies of loyalty to their religious practice and for their examples of commitment to their Church.

We have faith that as the body of Christ we will be directed by the Spirit in the decisions that we must make. We have faith that our presence makes a difference in society and that we are a symbol of the Kingdom of God. We have faith that we as the Church are a witness to the mystery of the divine in our midst. We have faith that the time we volunteer and the ministry we give to others is a tangible sign of God’s care for us.

We will place our hope in the promise of Jesus that nothing will prevail against His Church. We will proclaim the Gospel and speak the Word with boldness to those who hunger for the truth. We will evangelize through scripture, sacraments and charity. We will trust in the transforming power of the Holy Spirit to make us the people we have been called to be.

We welcome you to your Father’s House! Whether you just moved into town, or have recently decided to make the Pro-Cathedral your spiritual home, or have rediscovered us after a time away, we are delighted and hope that you find a place of real welcome in our parish community. Don’t hesitate to call on us if we can assist you in your spiritual journey. Please register with the parish so that you can take full advantage of the many programs and possibilities that make the Pro-Cathedral a wonderful community of faith. Introduce yourself when attending mass – we would love to meet you and personally welcome you to the parish.

Rev. Monsignor Dave Tramontini, Rector

Pro-Cathedral of the Assumption