Welcome to Your Father’s House!

As of April 17, 2021, a stay at home order is in effect for the province. Everyone is asked to stay home except for essential trips (such as getting groceries, picking up medications, taking walks, or essential work.)

Our Bishop has issued a decree stating that all parishes will be closed effective Monday, 19 April 2021 and masses are cancelled until further notice.

We continue to live-stream our Saturday, 4:00 PM mass.  A link to the current week’s Saturday Mass will be posted here on our homepage each Saturday at approximately 3:50 PM.


A dispensation from mass is still in place if you are unable to attend mass.  If you are unable to receive the Eucharist physically, Pope Francis invites us to make a Spiritual Communion—that is to invite Christ in to our hearts, and ask that Christ come close to us, and that we come close to Christ.  You can join Pope Francis for Spiritual Communion HERE

Our Cathedral staff will be working from home the majority of the time, and will come into the office periodically only for necessary tasks.  Please feel free to call and leave a message at the office (as we’ll be picking up messages remotely a few times each day), or send an email to office@procathedral.ca  .   If you plan to drop something off at the church, please make sure you contact us ahead of time.

Please stay connected to each other by phone, email, Facebook, Zoom or however you reach out to people to let them know they are not alone.  Even if we can’t be together, we can pray for each other, and our church, and for the world that God so loves.


Pro-Cathedral Photo Project – we invite you to share your pictures of the Cathedral, past clergy, weddings, baptisms, inside or outside pictures, etc.  CLICK HERE for more information.  Please be sure to include details on the who/where/why!  Here is the link to submit your photos –  CLICK HERE