Brick Fundraiser

Total Money Raised

The estimated cost to complete the brick work at the Cathedral is $56,000. See below for our progress!



The Purpose

We are all proud of the Cathedral and the statement it makes as a visible sign of history, love, and service in our community. We want to make the Cathedral a safe and beautiful place for our parishioners and visitors.

Many of our walkways have fallen into disrepair and it is necessary to replace the broken walkways as they are a prime trip and fall hazard. After consultation with our building committee and receiving quotations, it was decided that replacement with interlocking brick is the cost-effective solution.

We are asking for your consideration in making a donation to help offset the cost of the much needed improvements and repairs. By purchasing a brick, you are helping to take care of our church.

Included with your donation is a “Virtual Brick” that we will place on our website to build a “Virtual Brick Wall”. These bricks can be inscribed with your custom message.

In appreciation of your donation, we have the wall below to showcase a personal message on your brick. Click brick 1 to see an example of how it will work.


To donate to this cause, please click the donate button and select “brick fundraiser”. Once finished, please complete the form at the bottom of this page to create your virtual brick.


Virtual Wall

Click the numbered bricks below to see the custom messages / dedications from our fellow parishioners. You can click the arrows, or circles below the image to scroll to the next wall and see more numbered bricks.

Find Your Brick

Find your brick by typing your first name in the field below.

DonatorWall #Brick #
Erin & David D.Wall 1Brick 1
Cheryl C.Wall 1Brick 2
Earl & Cathy F.Wall 1Brick 3
Denis & Teresa D.Wall 1Brick 4
Gerald & Carol Ann D.Wall 1Brick 5
Mira H.Wall 1Brick 6
Barbara H.Wall 1Brick 7
Karen & Ralph S.Wall 1Brick 8
Mike & Gail A.Wall 1Brick 9
Mike & Gail A.Wall 1Brick 10
Colin & Noreen V.Wall 1Brick 11
Licia F.Wall 1Brick 12
Carol L.Wall 1Brick 13
Nestor & Karen K.Wall 1Brick 14
Brenda P.Wall 1Brick 15
The Doyle FamilyWall 1Brick 16
David P.Wall 1Brick 17
Shirley V.Wall 1Brick 18
Vince & Helen Z.Wall 1Brick 19
Madeleine F.Wall 1Brick 20
Brenda P.Wall 1Brick 21
Carole V.Wall 1Brick 22
Sharon B.Wall 1Brick 23
Daley & Andrea B.Wall 1Brick 24
Megan L.Wall 1Brick 25
Sue T.Wall 1Brick 26
Raymond L.Wall 1Brick 27
J.P. & Lorraine G.Wall 1Brick 28
Ted and Sharon H.Wall 1Brick 29
Ann S.Wall 1Brick 30
Ernie H.Wall 1Brick 31
Donald and Marilyn H.Wall 1Brick 32
Frank and Barb G.Wall 1Brick 33
Jean and June M.Wall 1Brick 34
Elaine K.Wall 1Brick 35
Gerri R. and FamilyWall 1Brick 36
Crystal S.Wall 1Brick 37
Philip P.Wall 1Brick 38
Fleurette K.Wall 1Brick 39
Marianne G.Wall 1Brick 40
Patricia G.Wall 2Brick 41
Laurette G.Wall 2Brick 42
Claudette S.Wall 2Brick 43
Patsy S.Wall 2Brick 44
Rick & Jeannette H.Wall 2Brick 45
Monsignor DaveWall 2Brick 46
Margaret Anne L.Wall 2Brick 47
Brenda & Thomas R.Wall 2Brick 48
Marthe S.Wall 2Brick 49
Sue & Ric C.Wall 2Brick 50
Yvon C.Wall 2Brick 51
Joanne & John P.Wall 2Brick 52
Ken & Julia J.Wall 2Brick 53
David P.Wall 2Brick 54
Margaret & Clifford R.Wall 2Brick 55
Vicky D.Wall 2Brick 56
Bunty S.Wall 2Brick 57
Audrey & James M.Wall 2Brick 58
Gary & AnneMarie W.Wall 2Brick 59
Mariella K.Wall 2Brick 60
Duncan & Patricia M.Wall 2Brick 61
Denyse L.Wall 2Brick 62
Norma M.Wall 2Brick 63
Emile & Ella L.Wall 2Brick 64
Katherine A.Wall 2Brick 65
Carol R.Wall 2Brick 66
Cathy & Phil C.Wall 2Brick 67
Cathy & Phil C.Wall 2Brick 68
Cathy C.Wall 2Brick 69
Cathy & Phil C.Wall 2Brick 70
Walburg Z.Wall 2Brick 71
Marcus Z.Wall 2Brick 72
Phillip G.Wall 2Brick 73
Kaitie L.Wall 2Brick 74
Wilda & Leo B.Wall 2Brick 75
Aurelia T.Wall 2Brick 76
Henriette P.Wall 2Brick 77
Simone P.Wall 2Brick 78
Dan & Judy A.Wall 2Brick 79
Art & Elizabeth A.Wall 2Brick 80
Cassandra & Derrick D.Wall 3Brick 81
Margaret L.Wall 3Brick 82
Theresa T.Wall 3Brick 83
Richard A.Wall 3Brick 84
Richard A.Wall 3Brick 85
Patrick M.Wall 3Brick 86
Wilf & June M.Wall 3Brick 87
Ken H.Wall 3Brick 88
Kathy S.Wall 3Brick 89
Kathy S.Wall 3Brick 90
Kathy S.Wall 3Brick 91
Vern & Doris C.Wall 3Brick 92
Kathy S.Wall 3Brick 93
Kathy S.Wall 3Brick 94
Kathy S.Wall 3Brick 95
Kathy S.Wall 3Brick 96
Kathy S.Wall 3Brick 97
Kathy S.Wall 3Brick 98
Kathy S.Wall 3Brick 99
Kathy S.Wall 3Brick 100
Sacramental Preparation TeamWall 3Brick 101
Kathy S.Wall 3Brick 102
Kathy S.Wall 3Brick 103
Annette & Jack F.Wall 3Brick 104
--Wall 3Brick 105
Art & Lisa H.Wall 3Brick 106

Create Your Virtual Brick

Please complete the form below to create your virtual brick. Your personal information is for contact and receipt purposes only. We will only display your first name and first initial of your last name on your brick. Line 1, Line 2, and Line 3 is what will appear on your brick. You are limited to 40 characters per line.

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